Monday, April 13, 2009

Glamchildren Photo Shoot Spring 2009...

So, every year we try to get a "cousins" photograph done. And each year it is always a little chaotic.........

This year it was Sloans turn to be grumpy. Last year, it was Cruz's turn. See here.

Sloan and Carma kept trying to escape!

So we decided to take a break and take just the boys picture. Cruz is still trying to figure out his "smile".

The Giffins

The Jacksons

Daisy Haggarton. (notice the bite marks on her cheek. Carma thought she might taste good...)

Carma Jenkins

and baby Conway Gardner

In my opinion the photo shoot was a success!

Monday, April 6, 2009

On Being Tagged and Catching Up...

Oh GREAT!!! I usually ignore being tagged, but when your firstborn does it...... Here it goes
-a few things about myself-

1. I have been MIA from my blog because (in a nutshell) in January and February I have been in the dumps (not the occasional dumpster diving, but the kind of dump where tears come from). This was all due to sleep deprivation mixed with "old lady hormone imbalance". My prayers were answered by our family doctor's love and concern and amazing talent for diagnoses. I also had to give up teaching a VERY early morning Seminary class. I miss my kids, but not waking up at 4:30 AM Monday thru Friday. Then, Horrors of Horrors, At the first of March, my Mom called in the morning after finding my sister unconscious. My Mom and I lived at the Hospital waiting and praying that Melanie would make it. (She apparently had double pneumonia that went systemic and was given a 20-40% chance of making it) Well, my sister has many people that love her and the power of prayer was made manifest. After 2 1/2 weeks in the hospital, another week in rehab learning how to walk again, She is now home and on the mend. Then last week, my youngest daughter and her husband and new baby moved into our house for the summer until they move to Utah to finish a law degree. I have been loving having them here, and it is so nice to sit and rock that baby. Onto a few things about me....

2. My greatest love/hate relationship is with ICE CREAM and I am now fighting it's siren call as I try to lose the unwanted poundage that I have gained over the last year from the stupid "old lady hormone crap"

3. On a more positive note, I LOVE any old movie in black and white with tap dancing, all things Jane Austen, and a disaster movie now and then. (weird, I know...)

4. I LOVE old stuff. I like to think about the stories a vintage bowl or an antique chair could tell about the people who have owned them.

5. I LOVE the fact that I am never too old to learn. I enjoy collecting quotes that help me to try to be the person I would like to be and that encourage me when I feel inadequate.

6. and words can not express how much I LOVE my family! I lucked out by marrying a really GOOD guy. We both lucked out when we had our 5 delightful, funny and NICE daughters who have in turn, married GOOD guys. And nothing compares to being Glamma to our FABULOUS glamchildren who will sit on my lap even when they think they are too old to do it.

....I have shared nothing really new about myself as I am hopelessly an open book. My family claims that I share way too much information with strangers and will talk to who ever is by me in line at the store........

I will now tag my daughters Hilari, Kelli and Devan so that they too may update their blogs!