Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Relief Society!

In March, our church celebrates the birthday of it's women's organization called the Relief Society. My daughter Devan was in charge of the decorations and cupcakes for her ward. This is what she did. She made all those picks by herself! It was her very first time being in charge and she did great. I'm so proud of her and all my girls. (brag-brag) I was in charge of our wards decorations. I made this medallion. It was about 14 inches around. The kitchen was full of glitter afterwards of course, but it was worth it.

Happy Birthday Relief Society!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Fabulous Decoupaged Clipboards

I saw this fabulous idea on one of my very favorite blogs: Jane's Apron. I googled "vintage sewing pattern images" saved and printed them onto regular #20 paper. First I glued scrapbooking paper onto the boards and then "modge podged" the fashionistas over the paper. Jane's Apron generously shared a tutorial. You can find it here.
We always need a nice hard surface to write on whether it's a family home evening night or a party. I plan on making a lot more!!! Thank you Jane!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Few More Studio Elements...

So I took two old lamp shade frames and one new one,
added some bling, and made these chandeliers for my studio. I love the sparkly light!

and I couldn't forget to share this fabulous find... I bought this old blue golf bag at a second hand store. It's perfect for storing dowels and paper rolls. Don't you think it's wonderful ?!

My PINK Studio!!!!!!

So I finally got most of my studio put back together after repainting it. It really is this pink! I love being able to see all my "stuff" (plus the fact that I forgot that I even had most of this stuff to make more "stuff" with!)
I made this mannequin head a year ago out of Styrofoam and paper mache. I dolled it up with a paper crown. I found a clock face and rubbed on some letters to say "NOW" is the time. Take time to make art.

My "painting" side of the studio still needs some more organization.

I keep a lot of empty frames and supplies in these old suitcases and trunks.
and I love this quote from Bette Midler- "Cherish forever what makes you unique. "Cuz you're really a yawn if it goes"...

Now it's time to paint and make stuff!

My Great Grandmother Erwin's Sewing Mashine.

I am the lucky holder of both of my Great Grandmothers sewing machines. My G.Grandma Erwin's is the nightstand on my husbands side of the bed. When you open the cabinet doors, there are two drawers. One of the drawers houses the buttons that my G.Grandmother saved through the years. I loved to look at them every once in a while. So when we were making the Valentines button bracelets, I thought what better way to look at them more often as a bracelet and ring.
Below is the fab. bracelet. I used one and a half inch wide black elastic, and sewed each button in place. It looks great on my arm (but better on a fake hand for a photo...) I also made rings for each of my daughters and niece to enjoy. I just love thinking about my ancestors and am so glad that we still have some of their things.

I guess it makes me feel safe somehow...knowing a little about my roots and having a few of their "things" around.

Catching up...

February is full of Glamchildren birthdays around here, Conway turned one. I added a few more pom poms and elastic on a favor cone for his hat.
Oh, Carma turned 2 in January. Chelsea made her this cute Barbie cake.
She loved it!
Ava turned 5. She and her brother shared a "Dress a Decade Disco" party. I made her a skirt, and Chelsea made the cakes.

Chelsea made Xander's cake with a editable microphone.

And this is "The X-man" in the suit he desperately wanted for church. His Grandma Great made a box full of bow ties (which are his signature look)

Happy Days!