Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Spend the Nights at Glamma's.

It's the girls turn to spend the night the last couple of days. Yesterday, we went to see "Romona and Beezus". I already watch Daisy on Mondays and Fridays, so I had four little girls in tow. We stopped at Circle K for treats and headed for the theater. After going potty, (a must for these kids, or I'd have to pull all of them out together to go even if only one girl needed to once the movie starts, and that's quite a production!) Anyway, we had the pick of the theater seats as we were the first ones in. That's when I realized that we were 50 minutes early. I had switched the times and theaters that I was looking at in the paper in the morning. I thought about loading them all up into the car and thought again, because the thought of buckling the two little one into those car seats once more, I felt panicked. So I decided to wait it out. I let the girls dance to the music playing until other people started coming in. The girls were very good throughout the movie, but again in my "un-smartness" I let the kids pick what ever candy they wanted at the convenience store and they all chose gooey, sticky stuff and I used up all of my new purse size baby wipes in minutes. Good Times... then off to McDonald's for a "nutritious" lunch and girl/type/screaming in the play area and swimming when we got home. The girls were all sleeping in a comatose state when it was time for dinner, so I woke them up and they felt like they had a whole nights worth of sleep and didn't go to sleep till waaaay later. (Sounds like I didn't have a very good time, I did and I promise that my blog will not turn into a "venting" arena too often.) Bla-Bla-Bla... Today, the girls played with some air dry clay. Remi made crowns and matching rings, while Ava made a ring holder and a couple of rings to wear.
Sloan played a little with the clay and the next time I looked, she had a plate of chips that she made for herself.


July Updates....

After my first two weeks in Utah, I came home for 6 days. I needed to make this cardboard car for our Young Women's Girls Camp. One side was supposed to be all crumby and the other side fabulous, here it is. It was fun to paint. Whenever I volunteer to do something, I always first think "what did I get myself into..." then, as I figure out what and how I am going to do it, I always get a great deal of enjoyment out of it. This was no exception. I watched a couple of movies on my little kitchen TV and painted. It was really stress relieving painting a cartoon, that really can't go wrong. so thanks for asking me to help!
then, right after I was putting the finishing touches on the cardboard car, Devan called and said it was time to go back to Utah. When I got there, I finished this Tee Pee that I was making for Conway. He loves it! (He's so cute.)

Now back in AZ, I am busy watching the glamchildren get swimming lessons,
Cheering at swim meets, here is Nash getting ready for his race to start.
and Xander in a relay race....
and Remi doing the backstroke.

The Glamchildren are also taking turns (in small groups) spending the night. I researched on the Internet and found patterns for making marshmallow guns. We went to Home Depot and learned how to find the right sizes and fittings in the plumbing area for PVC pipe. The kids assembled and decorated their guns with colored electrical tape and stickers. (it was fun, but with our war on crickets and ants, pure sugar is not smart to shoot into hidden crevasses between furniture and sofa cushions. yes, I am creative, but not too smart sometimes,)
We also celebrated my Mom's 70th Birthday with a surprise party with all of her friends and then a family party of swimming and hanging out. Happy Birthday Mom!

Celebrating Christmas in July!

My girls decided we needed to celebrate Christmas in July on Sunday evening when all the family comes over for dinner. (This was on Saturday) so after church Sunday, I got out a white tablecloth and christened it our "Christmas in July" traditional table cloth that everyone who comes to the party, signs their name and the year. We have done this for our December Christmas dinner for quite a few years now. My mother-in-law has been doing this tradition for MANY years now only she embroiders over the names/drawing each year. I'm not doing that...
I scrambled and made a palm tree out of scrapbooking paper and printed a bunch of empty circles that everyone decorated and cut out for ornaments that night. We also had everyone bring a "re-gift" and we picked out a gift and "stole" gifts from one another. That was fun, and Glampa Fabulous got a crazy candle holder made of rebar that I fell in love with. (My brother David is King of Thrift Stores, and finds the best stuff, we all know that whatever He brings will be crazy fabulous!)

My friend Mary brought her family traditional Christmas jello, and I was thrilled when my Mom brought her Christmas tree cookies that I crave every year. Poor Devan cried as she missed the festivities, and we missed her more. Fun!