Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Celebrating Christmas in July!

My girls decided we needed to celebrate Christmas in July on Sunday evening when all the family comes over for dinner. (This was on Saturday) so after church Sunday, I got out a white tablecloth and christened it our "Christmas in July" traditional table cloth that everyone who comes to the party, signs their name and the year. We have done this for our December Christmas dinner for quite a few years now. My mother-in-law has been doing this tradition for MANY years now only she embroiders over the names/drawing each year. I'm not doing that...
I scrambled and made a palm tree out of scrapbooking paper and printed a bunch of empty circles that everyone decorated and cut out for ornaments that night. We also had everyone bring a "re-gift" and we picked out a gift and "stole" gifts from one another. That was fun, and Glampa Fabulous got a crazy candle holder made of rebar that I fell in love with. (My brother David is King of Thrift Stores, and finds the best stuff, we all know that whatever He brings will be crazy fabulous!)

My friend Mary brought her family traditional Christmas jello, and I was thrilled when my Mom brought her Christmas tree cookies that I crave every year. Poor Devan cried as she missed the festivities, and we missed her more. Fun!


Dandi said...

That's a really cute idea. Love your blog. --Dandi (Stephanie Alger's sister)

Mary said...

The bad news is: I can NOT get "Jingle Bells" out of my head! Thanks for inviting me. It was Fabulous ... as always.