Monday, March 31, 2008

Vintage Store Finds...

Last week I went to some of my favorite "Antique" Stores. I quote the word "Antique" because there are really only a few actual antiques but there is a TON of good "old" stuff. A vendor was going out of business and I happened on her area. There were two piles, one said "Everything $1" and the other pile "Everything $2". One of these crates was in the $1 pile and one was in the $2 pile.(?) I grabbed both and started making my own pile by the cash register. Needless to say, I felt a need to help this vendor get rid of some of their good "old" stuff. I think I'll keep the picnic basket in my kitchen's sitting area to house any projects that are bulky and need more time to create than one sitting. And aren't those big cards great! Gotta LOVE those "Antique" stores!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Saturday at the Portrait Studio...

This is the photo that we picked out to be enlarged. Carma is crying and Blue is looking down, but overall was the best photo as you'll see as you scroll down....
Every time we have taken the grand kids to the portrait studio, this had happened. This time it was Cruz's turn.
This is when the photographer started crying.

Sloan is dripping out of Ava's hands while she is trying to follow her directions not to choke her little sister. Slade is starting to think this is all a bit funny and Xander just let go of Cruz's shirt. You can guess what happened the next moment.... SPLAT!
It's all too much for these darlings that I love so, and to tell you the truth, the whole photo session was just a delight. I absolutely LOVE all of the photos! Being a GLAMMA is the BEST!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter Yesterday

My sister Melanie, me & my brother David in front of our "John F. Long" house in Maryvale, AZ.
I will be off-line for the next week. My computer is getting another hard drive and more memory. Yeah, it will be faster and I will be able to keep more photos on hand. This will mean more time saved in the process. Have a Great Week!!!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A Bit of Easter Decor...

I purchased the feather tree after Christmas this year at 90% clearance! I guess a blue feather tree simply does not appeal to just anyone!!! I made the "grass skirt" by cutting an old towel into a circle with a slit, and hot glued Paper Easter Grass all over it. My hands were a mess after it was done, but it looks cute and it's nice not to have all that grass flying all over the place as it seems to have a life of it's own...

Monday, March 17, 2008

It's Nash and Slade's Turn to Spend the Night!

Last night in Glamma's "sweet tub"
Breakfast at McDonald's...I had rice crispy treats, which they enjoyed... but then I started to feel a little guilty, so we had "nourishing" bacon, egg and cheese mcgriddles!
We rented a game for the GameCube and also played on the trampoline. FUN!

I love my grandchildren!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Is there Life Everafter for Cardboard???

Today, I spent the day altering the space ship that I made for the Space Age party last Saturday. I was wondering "now where can I store this stuff?!!! (actually, I didn't even think about that part till Mr. Fabulous asked the same question when he saw me making all of it...) and then I thought about the grand kids play room... The family before us had a little boy and they painted his room an eggshell blue, and painted the ceiling a very dark royal blue and then glued glow-in-the-dark stars all over. At first I thought about re-painting but that was way down on the priority painting list, so I kept it that way. I had been collecting old globes, so I went with a "world" theme by putting up maps of the earth on the walls. So, there you go.
A few of the robots got a second chance too. We'll see how long they last.......

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Earth to the Jenkins Family!

This is my #4 daughter, Chelsea and her husband Dusty and cute little Carma.
Chelsea is the one kid of mine who has always had more doubts about her "creative-ness". Well let me tell you, She has blossomed into one Creative Genius! She put together these costumes (noticed Carma's binky is another "eye") and made this FABULOUS cake for the Space Age Party on Saturday.
She even made the fondant herself! She makes the most wonderfully decorated (not to mention tasty) cakes for us and for her sister's "Gourmet Girls" Catering Company.
Chelsea put in this stuff that made the icing GLOW in the dark. I am so proud of her, and I hope that She will finally put to rest the idea that she can't think of creative things behind her for good. Yeah for Chelsea!!!!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Devo's SpaceAge Partaaaaa!

Here's the Birthday Girl with her Martineli's (her fav. drink for a celebration.) Doesn't she look Fabulous?!!!!
and here we are: Grandpa and Glamma Fabulous! Mr. Fabulous was such a good sport, He even danced and stayed in that uncomfortable costume the whole night!!!! What a Man! (I mean Robot!)

Here's my middle daughter Kelli showing off her cute "baby bump".
My oldest daughter Brooke and her husband Kevin, ready for action as "unknown aliens..."
and some of our darling nieces!
and a few friends from Prima Divas!!!! I'll post a slide show as soon as I collect some more photos, there were so many amazing space inspired attire! I just couldn't get over how 95% of the party quests dressed up!!! Yeah!!!!!!!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Most Husbands Come Home to Dinner...

Once again, Mr. Fabulous had no words when he came home from work last night. It is not unusual for him to come home to a newly wallpapered or painted room, rearranged furniture or a "new" piece of furniture painted and upholstered that he saw the day before in the garbage on the corner. He's a good sport and of the few things that bug me about him, the fact that these types of "normality" at our house don't seem to faze him make me love him all the more. I'm sure that a large part of that wonderful characteristic is because He was raised by a mother who did basically the same thing. (Although Grandma Great DID have dinner ready for Grandpa Great) ((AND as Grandma Great is such a good cook, I could never measure up, so there you go....)) .
And here is Mr. Fabulous's robot costume still unfinished but in some stages of the development. Yeah!!!!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Robot Update...

To the left is the start of another decorative robot made of two $1 pots and a box and two paper cups. I did splurge on a package of dryer vent aluminum tubing for $20, but I'm using it also for the arms and legs for Mr. Fabulous's and my robot costume. The painted silver robot costume is mine and I'm working on the beginnings of "Mr. Roboto's" outfit. Boy, I never did very well in algebra, but geometry was more visual so it was a lot easier for me, so I can't wait to show off the angles on his robot costume . I'll keep you updated on the fun!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Robots for the making.

This in one of the "Robots" I'm making for the decorations and background for "photo shoots" for my baby girl's birthday party this Saturday. The head is the globe we use at Halloween for the fortune teller. the "feet" is the packaging for some "baby bottle nipples" that were on clearance for 25 cents . I used one nipple for the "eye" on the globe. I went to the $1 store for everything. The back of the robot is also packaging from a toy gun that I sprayed silver for my husband's costume. (I'll show you when I get that part done). Devan planned the Space Age themed party. It's her 22nd birthday, and there are no signs of limiting the birthday party experience for this girl yet. (I just don't know where she gets it.) She asked if she could have the party at my house, so naturally, ideas for decorating ideas stormed in my head.

Sometimes, the creative process is a blessing and a curse to me, as once I get some inspiration, I can not stop thinking about the possibilities to make the event, object, whatever out of my mind. I loose sleep and the only thing that gets those creative waves out of my mind so that it can rest is the old "Andy Griffith" shows (in black and white only, please, when the show went to color, the magic was gone).... ANYWAY, as I work on "whatever", the closer I get to the finish line, I have to start editing because of cost, time, etc. and it is always a little disappointing for me that the full vision did not really come through.

Although, the real enjoyment is in the process... (The brain turning over and over in trying to find a solution to a problem, or one thought leading to another, turning into a fabulous idea that wouldn't have ever come out at the onset in the creative process.) Sometimes I think it would be nice to be "normal" - no need for all this energy taken away from..Oh reading a good book, or cleaning the house, or very important...exercise.

So, I am constantly in search of keeping BALANCE in my life, tee tottering between what makes me blissful and what needs to be accomplished (general living stuff). And in the end, the two sides of living ARE where real JOY sets in. I am never truly happy when I only "make stuff", I need to keep things organized, clean and allow my brain to acquire the wonderful knowledge that one finds in all those great books that are available. And when I exercise, I feel better about myself as I feel like I am somewhat self disciplined. In the end, Life is good.

Monday, March 3, 2008

A Right of Passage...

All of our grandchildren have gone through Grandpa Fabulous's tutelage of the "Right of Passage Trick". The babies always love being "balanced in the air at a standstill" till they decide to sit down into Grandpa's arms. It scares the bejebees out of the women in the family (particularly the babies mothers), but all the "Men" (older and younger) seem to think it's an ordinary, common event that happens in the lives of the little people coming into our fun and sometimes (most times) crazy family.... in sorts, "A Right of Passage".

PS No babies have ever been dropped,hurt, or scarred in Grandpa Fabulous's trick... (knock on wood.)

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Thank You Dillards Clearence Sales!

Yesterday, I went to Dillards with my girls for their bi-annual Shoe clearance. Twice a year the store discounts their out of season shoes 75%. Then a little while after that they take of more and more %'s. I got 4 pair of shoes for $49 as Dillards was taking another 30% off!

So today,I added those shoes to my collection. I LOVE shoes! They always fit and even when you don't look so good, your shoes can make you feel like you look FABULOUS!
So in trying to stay "age-appropriate" and still trying to be "hip" I have quite a few pair of leopard shoes, all kinds of bling and some really cute "if I were not dressing somewhat conservatively, I might look like one of "those fancy ladies".....
Anyway, I like to keep my FABULOUS shoes in see-through containers and then I lake photos of them and tape the photo on the outside of the box. This way I never forget I own that wonderful pair that just goes FABULOUSLY with an outfit. Yeah for Shoes!!!!