Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Valentines Day and Button Bracelets!

First of all, yeah, I have a new computer! AND Glampa Fabulous gave me Photoshop Elements 8 and Premier 8 for Valentines Day!!! So last Thursday night I had the Girls over for a Valentines party and Button Bracelet making. We all made a box for our valentines. And here are the fabulous valentines that I received. We had a contest for the "Most Sassy", "Most Creative", "Most Sentimental" and "Less is More" valentine box categories. The winner of the "Less is More"s valentine box was a used plastic grocery bag! I was so impressed at the time and effort that my friends went to putting together their boxes and valentines. Oh, we also had an award for the best "Valentine" which went to Lindsey. She crocheted everyone a heart sachet.
These are the buttons that we used.

And here is the bracelet and ring that I made. It was cool to see how each gal's bracelets looked different even though we all used basically the same type of buttons. Good Times...