Sunday, October 31, 2010

Smith Spooktacular 2010 THRILLER!

This is probably the only THRILLER video where all the Zombies are smiling! It was fun, I wish you could see the "audience", they were probably scarier than we were. Thank you Quenton for putting the video together. I know we didn't give you much, but we did have a blast doing it !!! and Thank you Sarah for being the gal we all looked to for our "moves". (double click on the photo or on )

Monday, October 25, 2010

Cruising for Murder...

Most of you know that I love to throw a party, but I LOVE going to one even more! This last weekend, we had the privilege of going on short cruiseThe evening started with a lovely "The Captain's Cocktail Reception" followed by a delicious Mexican Meal.
I was employed as a humble cocktail waitress with stars in her eyes. Stars for Broadway that is, and I took every chance to sing every Show tune that I could remember so that I could get the "attention" of the Captain and the Entertainment Column Journalist. Since I was "busy serving", I did not have time to get photos of everyone, but I'm sure that they will pop up. Here are a few of the quests on the cruise ship.

The "Towel Boy" sure got around... The Captain, whom my heart belonged to.
Our hosts, celebrating their wedding anniversary, but the groom seemed preoccupied with the Show Girl "Candy Cam" whose job I wanted!
Best Costume went to this Hunk! (the girls on the ship could not take their eyes off of his muscular physic.) (He also seemed to like that Show Girl for some reason.)
and yes, I did receive the "Best Actor" award. But really, my good friends know that was no act! ha-ha
The Cruise director's "better half" won "A MILLION DOLLARS" (real shredded ones) for accumulating the most $$$ for the evening.
Who would have guessed that this lovely "sweet" passenger with a culinary background would have been the brutal murderer?
And finally, the murdered showgirl, and her job was mine! Thank you Tanners for a Great Evening!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Smith Spooktacular 2010 part 8

and some more photos! Keep them coming people!

Smith Spooktacular 2010 part 7

Little Justin won "The Cutest Costume" award and I am sure that you can see why. He was the only little guy his age at the party, but that did not stop him from joining in on the dance floor all on his own! And even if you have no creativeness what so ever and have only enough energy to put on a wig doesn't mean you can not win a costume award at our parties. Jason won not only "The Penny Pincher" award complete with piggy bank to start saving for next years costume, but also the "What the?" award.
(There's my daughter Devan in the back ground as a zombie Frida. Fabulous!

Smith Spooktacular 2010 part 6

more photos.

Smith Spooktacular 2010 part 5

Napoleon Dynamite and his brother Kip won "The Funniest Costume" Award. Napoleon did "the dance" for all of us after his big win!
"This Costume fits my (OUR) Personality" went to The Blues Brothers.
and Chelsea won the "Va-Va-Voom" award, no doubt because of her very public demonstration on the various ways to pick a wedgie....

(could a mother be prouder?!)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Smith Spooktacular 2010 part 4

more quests: a "Twilight" couple...? zombie ghosts
Napoleon Dynamite
more to come.... (my husband counted about 120+ people at the party. I guess everyone was having so much fun, they forgot to take pictures!)

Smith Spooktacular 2010 part 3

"Scariest Costume" AND "Best Overall Costume" went to the Stevensons.
and "Most Creative" went to the Hunsakers as Fanny May & Freddie Mack.

Smith Spooktacular 2010 part 2

"The Best Group" Costume Award went to the Rescued Chilean Miners!!! they all came to the party at once shouting for joy, as "hip hip hoorays" could be heard from the rest of the guests.
Jen was the talented mind behind it all, Congratulation!!! (I really can not believe the amount of effort, no matter how last minute that my friends and family put forth to make these parties so much fun. AMAZING!)

Smith Spooktacular 2010 part 1

As an avid visual record keeper, my worst fear happened on one of my favorite nights of the year: our annual Smith Spooktacular, my camera broke.... So I am piecing together this post from photos that are TRICKLEING in.... come on people!
Here are a few of the spooky quests:some VERY zombie fresh.
A couple of miners.

more miners
Oh,me (getting ready to get my Thriller on)
our MC, Brett Michaels

do we need to rescue another miner?!
more zombies"Peace and Quite"
a grown up twirler
a happy meal

The Blues Brothersand more zombies..

more posts to follow.....