Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Giffin Glamchildren came to stay.

 The next week after babysitting my Jackson glamsons, the Giffin glamchildren came to stay for a week. During a few of the days, the Jacksons came over and so did my cute little Haggarton glamgirls, so there were some periods of time that 10 of my glamchildren were here! Fun, but it is soooo hot here that we stayed inside whenever we could. During that time, the kids wanted me to watch MANY episodes of "Dr. Who" with them. It was great!
 On our Giffin day outings, we went to the trampoline place (I could feel sweaty germs floating in the air.....) and then later we went to the Phoenix Art Museum (which had no sweaty germs floating in the air and was sooooo much nicer).

 and we went to see 2 movies!
I am lovin' these glamchildren!!!!!!!

The Jackson Glamchildren came to stay....

 A couple of weeks ago, my Gourmet Girls went to Utah for 2 weeks to do research for their catering company and it was my pleasure to babysit the Jackson boys for a week. One of the "life skills" that I think is soooo important is paper mache. Need I say more. The kitchen was a mess the whole week (and the next week when I babysat the Giffin kids) but is was fun and well worth the effort as you can see! These boys waited eagerly between drying layers and layers of paper mache over inflatable beach balls.

When the paper mache was drying, the boys played video games, I introduced them to the old "Twilight Zone" TV shows on Netflix and we played laser tag. Laser Tag was intense!!!!! I sure do love these glamsons of mine!