Monday, June 29, 2009

Princess Daisy turns One!

We celebrated Daisy's first birthday last night. Her Mom made her a crown with felt and her Aunt Chelsea made her cake and the cupcakes that we all enjoyed. Aunt Devan also "be-jeweled" her birthday dress. Happy Birthday sweet girl!!!

Learning to Cook

Saturday night Mr. Fabulous was teaching our daughter Devan how to grill steaks and vegetables. Baby Conway looked on but finds nibbling on his fingers to be much more tasty and interesting! We have only 4 short weeks until the Gardner family moves out and onto Utah for law school. sad sigh....

Saturday, June 27, 2009


Our good friends Mike and Helen took us to see Eric Clapton & Steve Winwood last night at the theater. We had great seats, good food and had a fabulous time catching up. (the music was wonderful too, but loud! guess I'm getting OLD!!!) Thank you M&H !!!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Giffin's Swimming meets...

My "Giffin" Glamchildren are taking swimming lessons and are on the swim team. Twice a week they compete with other pools around the valley. It is such fun to see them swim in relays and show off their diving skills.(at each meet, their Aunt Mel gives them each a dollar for treats. She spoils them rotten, but you can never have too many people that love you!) I am a very proud Glamma...

Another Celebration for Cruz!

The day after we celebrated Cruz's third birthday party on the Light Rail, My Mom "OG-Great Grandma Burke" had a swimming party for him at her house. Uncle David and Aunt Melanie made lunch while we all swam. Cruz got to open more presents and we all ate yummy chocolate cupcakes. I sure do love my family!

Cruz's Third Birthday

A couple of weeks ago we celebrated my Glamson Cruz's third birthday party with a ride on the Phoenix Light Rail. Cruz just loves Trains so he was in heaven. We started at the beginning at 19th Ave. and Bethany Home Road and got off on Main Street in Tempe. There we walked to MoJo ice cream where the we all got to "serve ourselves". The smallest bowl was big, and you paid by the pound. It was delicious and fun. I gave Cruz a bag of $$$ so that he could pick out his own present. His Mom told me they bought him some new shoes! Happy Birthday my cute boy!!!!!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Another Wedding!

My nephew Garrit and the lovely Rachel were married Thursday in the Salt Lake Temple! I had the honor of being the photographer. Congratulations my dears!!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


My husband's uncle called him up one day and said that as you get older, you don't die of old age, you just die of "Ugly". UGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!! Here we go!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Busy Making Bees!

I just finished making these "Bee" bottle cap charm necklaces (see my other bottle cap jewelry here)and a bunch of paper Bees for my daughter's church girls camp. I was actually pretty proud of how well the paper Bees came out. I layered black and white ovals on top of each other to make the Bee shape and printed them out onto yellow card stock, so I was able to turn them out at record speed. Yea for my minimum computer skills!