Saturday, January 29, 2011

"Let's Make A Deal" Party Recap!

The stage was set, Prizes ready... ( hope you don't get the "ZONK"! )
Door (tub) #1, #2 or #3 =
FUN! So my daughter Hilari was on "Let's Make A Deal" yesterday on CBS. We watched the program last night with friends and family. (During dinner we watched "Family Feud" that all five of my girls were on in 2004. Hair styles have changed, but the girls are as fun as ever! All of our guests were such good sports and really got into the games.
Hilari got a lot of air time. It was so much fun to see her having a ball.
First she won this purse and these fabulous shoes.
Then she traded them for this camera and computer system.
And then after another "deal", she decided to keep her prizes.
The big winner of the day did not want to make another deal, so Hilari got a chance and ended up winning this big screen TV. an Ipod Touch and speaker dock, and this fab. chair!!!
Life is good.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Disneyland Weekend

Over the weekend, I went with my daughter Hilari and her family to.... what else- Disneyland!
The evening that we arrived and checked into our hotel, we had the good fortune to see the fireworks right in front of our room. Our hotel was located behind Disneyland, so we were closer to the fireworks than if we were actually in Disneyland. It was very exciting and the boys just hooped and hollered! Cruz was excited to get his very first set of Micky Mouse ears. That little red hat was great because we could always keep a good eye on him with that cap on. He was so proud of that hat.

The day after Disneyland we met my BFF Mary (simplehappy home) and Mrs.G for breakfast. There was this huge tree outside the restaurant, so I told the boys to go get in it so that I could take a picture. They kept saying "but Grandma..." and I kept saying "just get in the tree!"
After I had taken the photo, the boys pointed this sign out to me. I had to publicly repent.

On our way back to Arizona, we stopped at the Nixon Presidential Library and Museum. It was really interesting. Really.


Friday, January 21, 2011


I made a batch of these Fun, Fun, Fun Salt & Pepper Shakers. They are available in my Etsy Shop, but YOU could win this set by going over to the fabulous Decor blog "Better After"! I'm always getting great ideas to spruce up and Glamify my home at "Better After". (That sure sounds like a cheesy commercial, but it's true!)

Just click onto "Better After"s blog header to visit and enter this give-a-way. Hope you win!

Book Shelf Color

I was "skype-ing" with my daughter Devan last night and she showed me how she rearranged the books on their shelves according to color. I was impressed and asked her to email a few photos so that I could brag. Here they are! "Fruit Doesn't Fall Far From the Tree"! (when I'm down or bored or ambitious, I organize and then all is right in the world.) Well done Devo!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I recently joined this "IronCraft" blog roll. Each week there is a different arts and craft challenge. I thought it would give my creative juices a workout. This week's challenge is called "Just Bunt". I made this Banner Bunting with all $1 scrapbooking items from Target a while back. (The bunting that I am working on now is not ready for this weeks challenge, but hey, I just joined this group a couple of days ago. I am VERY excited for the challenges.)
Anyway, I just love that Valentines Day is 6 weeks after Christmas, it is a drag to have all those fun decorations up and then nothing, so yeah for Valentine Decor! Red and Pink surroundings await!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

How to Make Ribbon Storage Posts

Today I worked on cleaning my studio, and that always leads to finding new ways to organize. My ribbon drawer was a mess so I measured the height of the drawer, subtracted 1/2" and cut 1/2" dowels to that height. Then I picked out one ribbon roll from the primary and secondary color groups in both solid and patterned styles (plus black, white, ivory) and traced them onto some scrapbook paper. I cut the circles out and used a glue stick to adhere them to the bottom of each ribbon roll to create a base.
Then I used the glue gun to secure the dowels into the holes of the ribbon roll. This created a solid foundation for the ribbon storage posts.
Here's how a few of them looked. Aren't they pretty?
Then I thought why not use old brushes and pencils for the dowels instead? Later I found some dried out markers that would work well also. Just make sure that they fit inside your drawer or storage box BEFORE you glue everything together. (Oh yes I did! Ugh, thank heavens I only glued in 1 brush before I glued the rest of them into the other ribbon rolls!)
Here are the finished ribbon posts inside their drawer. (I actually filled 2 drawers and made similar ribbon storage posts for my gift wrapping ribbon.)
And the drawer inside the chest...
and Wa-La!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Today I helped my daughters Brooke and Hilari with a new look for their catering company. I just love this photo that I took of them way back when. (Even as very little girls, they would play restaurant, and instead of watching cartoons on Saturday mornings, they would want to watch the limited cooking shows available 20 years ago.) They have always been busy, as the food that they make is out of this world, but lately, their business is going great guns! Yeah for them! (I'm so proud.) So if you live in the Phoenix valley, give them a call!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Conway's Playdate Gone Wrong.

This photo was taken the morning before my Glamson Conway's very first play date...This photo was taken right after Conway's first play date.
He looks miserable, but actually it didn't phase him in the least and he went right on playing with the kid that scratched him. He's one tough little dude! Love those glambabies!!!