Tuesday, January 18, 2011

How to Make Ribbon Storage Posts

Today I worked on cleaning my studio, and that always leads to finding new ways to organize. My ribbon drawer was a mess so I measured the height of the drawer, subtracted 1/2" and cut 1/2" dowels to that height. Then I picked out one ribbon roll from the primary and secondary color groups in both solid and patterned styles (plus black, white, ivory) and traced them onto some scrapbook paper. I cut the circles out and used a glue stick to adhere them to the bottom of each ribbon roll to create a base.
Then I used the glue gun to secure the dowels into the holes of the ribbon roll. This created a solid foundation for the ribbon storage posts.
Here's how a few of them looked. Aren't they pretty?
Then I thought why not use old brushes and pencils for the dowels instead? Later I found some dried out markers that would work well also. Just make sure that they fit inside your drawer or storage box BEFORE you glue everything together. (Oh yes I did! Ugh, thank heavens I only glued in 1 brush before I glued the rest of them into the other ribbon rolls!)
Here are the finished ribbon posts inside their drawer. (I actually filled 2 drawers and made similar ribbon storage posts for my gift wrapping ribbon.)
And the drawer inside the chest...
and Wa-La!

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debra g said...

As I was carousing my current ribbon storage (a hat box) I was cursing at the mess and decided that I needed a new storage plan.
I might just use your idea. It's pure genius! Good job,
You are an inspiration to all of us disorganized crafters.