Saturday, November 29, 2008

GlamKid Sleepover...

Thursday night the GlamBoys (3 and older) got to spend the night, and what was the one thing they wanted to do?!!! Go to CABELLA'S. Now this is usually Grandpa Fabulous's realm, but since he had to go to work, I put my "What a Good Glamma you are." hat on and took them. It was a tad painful, but the boys had fun looking at the aquariums full of "Fish that you fish", shooting at targets, and looking at the "zoo" of stuffed animals.
I forced them to sit with Santa....

Friday night the GlamGirls (3 and older) spent the night. They wanted to "go shopping" at the mall. This was a tad less painful following them around, but we all had a good time looking at every piece of jewelery in CLAIRE'S and going to the candy store.

I forced the girls to sit with Santa....
I LOVE being a Glamma!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

I have been having one of those months that nothing seems very "blog worthy" and I haven't posted in a while. A huge thank you to my blogging friends who have expressed concern at my absence, your comments make me feel so good!!!! This also is an appropriate time for a word of thanks for all my MANY BLESSINGS to "Grey Beard" (a term of affection used by my Mom for our Heavenly Father). There is nothing like counting your blessings to bring you out of the "dole drums". and it also seems appropriate to give thanks for this wonderful world of blogging that I have been involved in just over a year now. I now have "countless" friends I would never have had the chance of getting to know and be inspired from without BLOGS.

Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Goodnight Halloween Decorations!

I've had SEVERAL people ask me just where do I store all of my Halloween decorations, so here is a photo. We have a 10 foot ceiling in the garage so I am able to stack all the boxes to the top. What room there is between the boxes and the ceiling, that is where I cram some of the gravestones. I am now at the point that I have no more room, so I will have to start really editing if I get something new and it will have to be FABULOUS! (around the corner, there is a rack and boxes of costumes. That's where my life size skeleton and mummy are. I still don't have a place for the 3" tall gargoyle my girls got me...) UGH!!!!!