Saturday, February 26, 2011

6 Ways to Celebrate Ava's 6th Birthday

Last weekend, my Glamdaughter Ava turned 6 years old. We decided to celebrate her 6th birthday by doing 6 things. That evening we: #1 went to see the movie "Gnomeo & Juliet". (That was my 3rd time seeing the movie with glamchildren... 2 times too many, but sacrifices must be made for my darlings.)

Saturday morning, #2: we went to breakfast at McDonalds. After our breakfast, and leaving the littlest girls with their parents, #3: we went to the mall. Ava and Remi wanted to go into "Build-a-Bear" to "look", and came out with their own creations.
Ava then decided that #4: should be buying a gumball... (fine with me after the "Build-a-Bear" incident.)
We then went back home and #5: made crafts. The girls made sock dolls, necklaces, painted an assortment of wood and plaster crafts and tried their hands at sewing on plastic canvas.
then on Sunday evening, #6: all the family came over and showered Ava with love and presents. Happy Birthday Sweet Ava!!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wickenburg Gold Rush Days!

Last Friday the 11th, was my glamson Xander's 11th birthday. He asked me if he and his cousin Blue could spend his birthday with me. OF COURSE! (who can say no! I know it won't be long till he will rather spend his time with more exciting people than his Ol' Grandma!) Being that it was Xander's GOLDEN birthday (turning 11, on the 11th AND in 2011) We went to Wickenburg's GOLD Rush Days. The morning started with an small town western parade. The Sun City Dancers proudly marched and shaked their artificial hips with enthusiasm! (actually, It is a goal of mine to join them when the time comes.) They were FABULOUS!
And this cow was amazing with it's crazy big horns. AND it was IN the car!
The boys tried their skills at some games in the carnival area. They had high hopes for winning a huge stuffed animal for me. It was a rude awakening for them to see how hard it actually was to win. They did however win a couple of smaller stuffed animals.
I could not go home without purchasing a real cowboy hat for each of them. They pooled their money together to buy the fake mustaches, which they wore for the rest of the weekend! Happy Birthday to my wonderful glamson!!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

My daughter Devan made this Valentine with her little darlings this year. This was the only shot she got with both of the glamkids laying down. What a creative daughter I have!!!! I am so proud!!! Happy Lovin those Glambabies Day!!!!

Girlfriend Valentine Party!

My photos are not the best, but the party was a HUGE success! I will insert better photos as I receive them. Thank you all for coming and being such good sports! It amazes me how talented and fun all of my friends are. Happy Valentines Day!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentines and Decorations

A few of my glamsons wanted my help with their Valentines this year, so yesterday we quickly put together these valentines and had them printed at our local Walgreens in an hour. Gotta love that technology! Slade's class is having a "Willy Wonka" party so I put his face onto Johnny Depps (I am not thrilled with my photoshop skills on this one, but what can you do with 20 minutes a valentine?!)
Xander does not like that Justin Bieber kid, so he had me put Justin's famous hair on his head and he made fun of one of the star's songs. And Cruz can not get enough of anything Buzz!
I hung the Ribbon Awards for my Girlfriend Valentine Party on my mannequins. It looked really fancy. I also have this really cool "Butler Frog" that is about 36 inches tall. I made him a crown and "Prince Charming" sash. He made a fun photo opportunity for the gals at the party.

I also hung these glittery Valentine hearts from the ceiling over the sink in my kitchen. I just love hanging things there. You can see them from the living room and it looks very festive.
I am still waiting on some more photos from the party. I can't wait for you to see all the fabulous and creative Valentines and boxes that the lovely ladies put together!

Monday, February 7, 2011

My Valentine Tree

As I was taking down the Christmas decorations, I knew I was going to miss the white lights on the white tree that I had in the kitchen. So I decided to keep it up and see if I could decorate it for the upcoming holidays. Valentines Day, St. Patricks Day, Easter, Forth of July- no brainers... I am planning on getting creative with some other holidays. Let me know if you have any ideas. OK? Not all of my glamchildren wanted to get paint on their hands to make the valentines for the tree. (they must have some weird recessed gene, everyone knows that crafting is messy!)
I just love sitting on the couch and looking at the tree, it's like a fireplace for me. Fun!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sneak Peak!

This week I am hosting my annual "Girlfriend Valentines Party". Each gal brings a box/basket/bag that they have decorated and 24 valentines. This year we have 3 categories of "winners". For the Valentine Box, there are a 1st, 2nd & 3rd place ribbon rosette award ribbons (made by me). For the Valentines, there is a rosette award ribbon for "Most Creative", "Most Sentimental" and "Most Tasty" (a friend thought I wrote "Most Trashy" at first...that may be a category for next year!)... and the lovely ladies are encouraged to dress in their Valentine Best, so I have made awards for "Best Old School" and "Most Over the Top". I have to say that I am proud of these ribbons. Thank heavens for Hobby Lobby's many 1/2 price ribbon bolt sales as each award rosette ribbon took approximately 4-6 yards each of 1/2" to 3" satin ribbon.
I will post the winners with their ribbons on Friday. Yeah for Valentines Day! (for my "not-so" but dearly loved "creatively challenged" friends, do not despair, a brown paper bag with your name on it and a box of $1 store valentines will do...) I can't wait!