Saturday, February 26, 2011

6 Ways to Celebrate Ava's 6th Birthday

Last weekend, my Glamdaughter Ava turned 6 years old. We decided to celebrate her 6th birthday by doing 6 things. That evening we: #1 went to see the movie "Gnomeo & Juliet". (That was my 3rd time seeing the movie with glamchildren... 2 times too many, but sacrifices must be made for my darlings.)

Saturday morning, #2: we went to breakfast at McDonalds. After our breakfast, and leaving the littlest girls with their parents, #3: we went to the mall. Ava and Remi wanted to go into "Build-a-Bear" to "look", and came out with their own creations.
Ava then decided that #4: should be buying a gumball... (fine with me after the "Build-a-Bear" incident.)
We then went back home and #5: made crafts. The girls made sock dolls, necklaces, painted an assortment of wood and plaster crafts and tried their hands at sewing on plastic canvas.
then on Sunday evening, #6: all the family came over and showered Ava with love and presents. Happy Birthday Sweet Ava!!!

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