Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My Paper Mache Pumpkin Head Project

 This summer, while I did some paper mache projects with the glamchildren, I started a pumpkin head mask for myself. I started by applying torn newspaper an old school flour, water and white glue mixture all over a plastic beach ball. ( I like adding liquid starch into the mixture when I can find it)
 Then I taped some cardboard onto the ball for a neck and taped crunched up newspaper all around the ball to form a pumpkin shape, then paper mached on top of that.
 I takes at least a day in between each layer of paper mache to harden and that's in our AZ heat! I then drew a face on the pumpkin head and taped cardboard to add the 3-D features.
 More layers of paper mache........
 and more layers of paper mache and adjustments to add form and scariness...
I'll add a final post as I start to paint this guy. FUN