Thursday, September 24, 2009

New Shoes!!!

Well, you know how it is: shopping can be sometimes fun or frustrating. Yesterday it was FABULOUS! After my doctor appointment and waiting for my car's oil change, I thought I would visit a few of my old favorites in my old side of town. My first stop: Nordstroms Rack. I got these wonderful Naughty Monkey shoes for $29. I looked up the designer on the Internet and now this brand is my new favorite! I love, love, love them, and they are comfortable too! (not to mention that the price was a quarter of what they are selling them for online.)
Then, I took some of my better cast off clothes that my girls wouldn't be caught dead in to A Second Look. It has been two years since I have traded clothes there and they still had a $86 check waiting for me! I got these never used Etienne Aigner boot/shoes for $8.95!

And I could not pass these Wild Rose tweed boots up (also never used) for $12.95! I think they might look great with this blouse and blazer below. The teals are slightly off but with jeans or a skirt in between I think it might work. I will of course have to consult with my fashionita daughters for a go ahead.

Now back to real life and cleaning the kitchen... but thanks for letting me brag-share!

Friday, September 18, 2009

"Cloudy with a Chance of Meat Balls"

Today was my Glamson blue's 9th birthday party. His mom Hilari, made darling invitations using an image from the movie that opened today in Phoenix. First, we all gathered at the Jacksons for a spaghetti and meat balls dinner. Then we had this FABULOUS spaghetti and meat balls cake that Chelsea made. YUM!
Above is the cake made with piped "spaghetti" buttermilk icing. Chelsea made these Oreo cookie balls for the meat balls and then poured grape jelly over the top for spaghetti sauce. Isn't the cake amazing?!!!
My son-in-law Jason got the best husband award for making 100 meat balls for the dinner.
and here are all my Fabulous Glamchildren with a few of Blue's friends from church outside the movie theater. (This was the best shot that I got.) The kids were great and well behaved. And the movie was Hilarious! It had a lot of grown up humor and the script was quick. I give the movie 4 1/2 stars!
Happy Birthday Blue. Your Glamparents love you very much and we are so proud of how you conduct yourself and how you treat the people around you. You are FABULOUS (in a masculine way of course...)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Warning...Glamchildren are Slippery when Wet!

My older glamchildren LOVE to take baths together in my "Awesome Tub" (as they all call it). And now the younger ones are getting a turn. This was a first for Carma to take a bath with her younger cousins. She was happy as a clam!
Daisy also loved playing and posing for me. (It's a good thing too, as all the glamchildren learn..."If it's not in the Scrapbook, did it really happen?!"

Conway was THRILLED to be in the tub. He wanted to swim and be on his own. We had to keep a good hold on his slippery little body.
These are the moments that life so much fun!

Saying Goodby at the Funeral of Cory Jenkins

While I was staying at Chelsea's to help with the new baby, I made these little dresses for Carma and Cory's daughter to wear at Cory's funeral.
I had to cut the newborn bodice pattern down to fit 5 day old baby Pearl. It was like sewing a doll dress, so tiny and cute.

This is a picture of my darling daughter and her husband by the "Patriot Guard". The Guard stood holding American Flags in front of the entrance of the church and down both sides of the street for blocks. I could hardly hold back the tears when I first saw them. They also sang patriotic songs to block out the "very weird extreme religious group that protest at these events" people. We were all so grateful that these men and women took time out of their lives to support the families of our troops.

And if that didn't break your heart, when you drove into the parking lot in back, The Mothers of Fallen Solders flanked each side of the back entrance...

And here is Grandpa Fabulous walking Carma back to our car at the cemetery.
I look forward to the day when we will all be reunited with our family and friends that have passed and I am honored to have been able to participate in celebrating Corys life. I am also so grateful for the freedoms that we enjoy in America. Thank you Cory.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

My 12th Glamchild!

Well, after 38 hours of labor, my daughter Chelsea had to undergo a C-section to be able to deliver her baby. Luckily, She knew the anesthesiologist very well, and with his permission and the doctors, both her husband Dusty and I got to go into surgery with her! (here we are with her midwife: The Fabulous Janice ((Janice has delivered 5 of my glamchildren!)) All I can say is WOW!!!! I didn't watch the incision, but looked at the rest of the procedure. It was really interesting!
And here is the proud Daddy with baby Pearl Cory Jenkins! She was born Monday, August 31st. She was 21 and a quarter inches long and weighed 7 lbs. 9 oz. Underneath that cap is a head full of dark brown hair. Both Mother and baby are doing fine. Yeah!