Monday, September 14, 2009

Warning...Glamchildren are Slippery when Wet!

My older glamchildren LOVE to take baths together in my "Awesome Tub" (as they all call it). And now the younger ones are getting a turn. This was a first for Carma to take a bath with her younger cousins. She was happy as a clam!
Daisy also loved playing and posing for me. (It's a good thing too, as all the glamchildren learn..."If it's not in the Scrapbook, did it really happen?!"

Conway was THRILLED to be in the tub. He wanted to swim and be on his own. We had to keep a good hold on his slippery little body.
These are the moments that life so much fun!


brookegfunk said...

Those glamkids are sooo cute !!!!

Anonymous said...

Aren't they cute? og

Kelli and Craig said...

That was so funny! I love all those cuties!!

Pearl said...

How cute are these little angels! You may not remember me but I use to pop over once in awhile. I love your blog so family oriented. Your trip to rome, greece? looked so wonderful! I've always wanted to go there. Blessings to you and your family. Pearl
I noticed you have a baby named Pearl, good name :)