Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentines and Decorations

A few of my glamsons wanted my help with their Valentines this year, so yesterday we quickly put together these valentines and had them printed at our local Walgreens in an hour. Gotta love that technology! Slade's class is having a "Willy Wonka" party so I put his face onto Johnny Depps (I am not thrilled with my photoshop skills on this one, but what can you do with 20 minutes a valentine?!)
Xander does not like that Justin Bieber kid, so he had me put Justin's famous hair on his head and he made fun of one of the star's songs. And Cruz can not get enough of anything Buzz!
I hung the Ribbon Awards for my Girlfriend Valentine Party on my mannequins. It looked really fancy. I also have this really cool "Butler Frog" that is about 36 inches tall. I made him a crown and "Prince Charming" sash. He made a fun photo opportunity for the gals at the party.

I also hung these glittery Valentine hearts from the ceiling over the sink in my kitchen. I just love hanging things there. You can see them from the living room and it looks very festive.
I am still waiting on some more photos from the party. I can't wait for you to see all the fabulous and creative Valentines and boxes that the lovely ladies put together!

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Nicole said...

I love the frog prince!