Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Goodnight Halloween Decorations!

I've had SEVERAL people ask me just where do I store all of my Halloween decorations, so here is a photo. We have a 10 foot ceiling in the garage so I am able to stack all the boxes to the top. What room there is between the boxes and the ceiling, that is where I cram some of the gravestones. I am now at the point that I have no more room, so I will have to start really editing if I get something new and it will have to be FABULOUS! (around the corner, there is a rack and boxes of costumes. That's where my life size skeleton and mummy are. I still don't have a place for the 3" tall gargoyle my girls got me...) UGH!!!!!


Mary said...

Gargoyle storage is somewhat of a national problem and getting worse every year.

I love the fact that your storage containers are in fall-ish colors.

Chelsea said...

it's hard having so much wonderful stuff!

Adam and Anya said...

Now THAT'S a workout!!

HopHopJingleBoo said...

welcome to the ThqanksgivingSswap and looks like you had a'glamma fabulous halloween'! You havea great storage place and fab containers.. I have mine packed up in several places, not a good idea! As forget where everything is!!

Tanner Fam said...

Jason wants to know if you'll come pack away and organize our stuff.

jillian said...

Hi Kelley~
Looks like we are paired up for Debra's Thanksgiving swap, yeh!! Here is my email address:
Can't wait to get to know each other!!

jillian said...

Hi Kelley~
I still haven't heard from you and I need your address for the swap. Sorry, but I don't have your email address either. Get a hold of me as soon as you can.

MarySue said...

This faithful reader is concerned. I hope all is well and you're back to posting soon.

Julie said...

Just wanted to say I LOVE your Halloween stuff, I am a Queen in training! I linked you to my blog as my inspiration.