Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Disneyland Weekend

Over the weekend, I went with my daughter Hilari and her family to.... what else- Disneyland!
The evening that we arrived and checked into our hotel, we had the good fortune to see the fireworks right in front of our room. Our hotel was located behind Disneyland, so we were closer to the fireworks than if we were actually in Disneyland. It was very exciting and the boys just hooped and hollered! Cruz was excited to get his very first set of Micky Mouse ears. That little red hat was great because we could always keep a good eye on him with that cap on. He was so proud of that hat.

The day after Disneyland we met my BFF Mary (simplehappy home) and Mrs.G for breakfast. There was this huge tree outside the restaurant, so I told the boys to go get in it so that I could take a picture. They kept saying "but Grandma..." and I kept saying "just get in the tree!"
After I had taken the photo, the boys pointed this sign out to me. I had to publicly repent.

On our way back to Arizona, we stopped at the Nixon Presidential Library and Museum. It was really interesting. Really.


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Mary said...

Having breakfast with you was even better than my delicious apple pancake!

Seeing you guys did my heart a load of good. Love you.