Monday, June 1, 2009

Busy Making Bees!

I just finished making these "Bee" bottle cap charm necklaces (see my other bottle cap jewelry here)and a bunch of paper Bees for my daughter's church girls camp. I was actually pretty proud of how well the paper Bees came out. I layered black and white ovals on top of each other to make the Bee shape and printed them out onto yellow card stock, so I was able to turn them out at record speed. Yea for my minimum computer skills!


MarySue said...

Just darling. Are they at Camp LoMia?

*lindsey said...

Hey Kelley! I just barely found your blog, and I LOVE it. Will you please adopt me? I also really love those bee necklaces. Cute!

your lame visiting teacher, lindsey :)

I swear, this month will be better, I swear it!)

Aunt Mack said...

hey i just got back from camp and i LOVED those bees! you did an amazing job!! THANK YOU!