Saturday, October 2, 2010

Baby Shower for Izzy

We gave my niece Amy a baby shower last night. This is her first baby and yes, a girl and she's going to be named Izzy. For the major holidays, I store the items in tubs and group them together according to the theme. I also keep containers just for certain colors that I use a lot for baby showers, bridal showers and other parties. Needless to say the color PINK has more items than the other "colors" that I store separately. (I have a red tub, pink, blue, gold, silver & "animal print" containers) I got these silk flower wreaths on clearance at Walmart for $3.50 and a big bolt of leopard print ribbon at Sam's Club. My daughter Kelli made the cupcakes and rice crispie treats. An old standby that I like to do is print a name or sentiment onto scrapbooking paper and cover chocolates with the paper.
This is what I did with the tissue balls that Kelli made...
I bought these onesies at the $1 store. They are really too thin and cheaply made for babies to wear, but perfect for decoration. I just printed Izzy's name onto sticker paper, cut the letters out and pressed them onto the onesies. It turns out cute and can also be hung on the baby's nursery.
My nephew's lovely wife Erynn was in charge of the games. She did a great job. One of the fun ideas was breaking into groups and decorating small pumpkins to look like the baby. All the gals seemed to enjoy that. Aren't these little characters cute!?

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Stephanie said...

Beautiful decorating! I love the pink with the animal prints. You ARE fabulous!