Monday, October 18, 2010

Introducing "Mini Miss Maricopa"!

I am using all my Glamma Bragging rights to show off Carma (my beautiful Glamdaughter) as the very first "Mini Miss Maricopa"! this was her "Introduction" outfit AND a few of her "pageant" poses. ha-ha!

Carma really is as sweet as she looks!

and below is her "Wow" wear. She represents Maricopa as a "Strong" Community.
(I made the bar bells out of cardboard & Chelsea painted them)
and here is "Her Majesty" blowing a "Kiss to all the World"
(You should have seen her mom, me and two of her aunts behind the camera showing her how to pose! PRICELESS)
The only drawback now is that Carma wants to wear that pink dress and her crown everywhere! But then who wouldn't!


debra g said...

She is soooo cute! Congrats little Carma!
By the way, your hubby spoke in our ward Sunday, for the second month in row!!! How did we get so lucky?! He is always so fun to listen to.

Anonymous said...

My family, individually and collectively, continues to suprise me and make me proud. OG

Cooey's Mom said...

Oh - my - gosh!!! That child is just as adorable as they come! How fun!