Monday, March 10, 2008

Devo's SpaceAge Partaaaaa!

Here's the Birthday Girl with her Martineli's (her fav. drink for a celebration.) Doesn't she look Fabulous?!!!!
and here we are: Grandpa and Glamma Fabulous! Mr. Fabulous was such a good sport, He even danced and stayed in that uncomfortable costume the whole night!!!! What a Man! (I mean Robot!)

Here's my middle daughter Kelli showing off her cute "baby bump".
My oldest daughter Brooke and her husband Kevin, ready for action as "unknown aliens..."
and some of our darling nieces!
and a few friends from Prima Divas!!!! I'll post a slide show as soon as I collect some more photos, there were so many amazing space inspired attire! I just couldn't get over how 95% of the party quests dressed up!!! Yeah!!!!!!!


discodevo said...

but especially because of all your hard work mom!!!!!!

glamma fabulous knows how to get DOWN!!!

Mrs. Dub said...

i'm really bummed that this party couldn't have been a week later so i could have attended in all my robotic glory! (i must tell you, i've always felt a kinship with robots.)

the party looks ridiculously fab!

another b-day shout-out to devz!

brooke gfunk said...


brooke gfunk said...

I think our next party should be "under the sea" think mermaids and scuba gear!

sara said...

Wow, what fun!!! I've been checking for these pictures today; they definitely exceeded my expectations. Looks absolutely fabulous!!!

Kelli said...

That party was awesome!!

hilari said...

seriously, the robots and decor made the party! it was so fun and i have an injury to prove it. what, am i too old to be rolling around on the ground? never.

Chelsea said...

the party was totally the shiz! The party decor was off the chain, and the costumes rocked the house! I like brooke's under the sea idea for the next bash! Carma will be a perfect starfish!

mrs. r said...

incredible party. simple fab! i have to tell you that i started watching the "from 1977" slide show.

two comments:

1. i had that same tuxedo dress with the black and white check on the bottom.

2. i cannot believe how you hilari looks like you in these early photos! WOW! i totally had to do a double take. great idea.

did you digi-scrap all those pages? i am WAY impressed.