Tuesday, July 27, 2010

July Updates....

After my first two weeks in Utah, I came home for 6 days. I needed to make this cardboard car for our Young Women's Girls Camp. One side was supposed to be all crumby and the other side fabulous, here it is. It was fun to paint. Whenever I volunteer to do something, I always first think "what did I get myself into..." then, as I figure out what and how I am going to do it, I always get a great deal of enjoyment out of it. This was no exception. I watched a couple of movies on my little kitchen TV and painted. It was really stress relieving painting a cartoon, that really can't go wrong. so thanks for asking me to help!
then, right after I was putting the finishing touches on the cardboard car, Devan called and said it was time to go back to Utah. When I got there, I finished this Tee Pee that I was making for Conway. He loves it! (He's so cute.)

Now back in AZ, I am busy watching the glamchildren get swimming lessons,
Cheering at swim meets, here is Nash getting ready for his race to start.
and Xander in a relay race....
and Remi doing the backstroke.

The Glamchildren are also taking turns (in small groups) spending the night. I researched on the Internet and found patterns for making marshmallow guns. We went to Home Depot and learned how to find the right sizes and fittings in the plumbing area for PVC pipe. The kids assembled and decorated their guns with colored electrical tape and stickers. (it was fun, but with our war on crickets and ants, pure sugar is not smart to shoot into hidden crevasses between furniture and sofa cushions. yes, I am creative, but not too smart sometimes,)
We also celebrated my Mom's 70th Birthday with a surprise party with all of her friends and then a family party of swimming and hanging out. Happy Birthday Mom!

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