Thursday, July 24, 2008

72 hour emergency kits

So today I finally put together Mr. Fabulous's and my "72 Hour Kits". I have collected the items and the backpacks long ago and never seemed to get enough gumption to put them altogether. I do have to say that I now have a sense of peace about any upcoming emergency if we have to leave the house for a day or two (knock on wood and heaven forbid)... It is just smart to have the stuff ready. I got a list of what to bring from this site, and here is a list from the Red Cross .

PS Does it bother anyone else that the pack of paper towels is upside down in the photo?! I going to go fix that right now. (I'm so weird even I recognise the fact that I'm weird sometimes!!!)


Mary said...

OK, now I've got so much guilt over the kits that I may have to go confess it on Dub's blog.

Given enough time (not to mention picture blow ups) I might have noticed the paper-towels.

So I refuse to feel guilty about THAT.

brookegfunk said...

Um, paper towels upside down is a tad OCD but you are forgiven because you are so prepared!

acte gratuit said...

I would totally fix those. My motto is: "OCD: It works for me!"

Anonymous said...

again another idea for the 72 hour - grab fast - love it!