Thursday, August 28, 2008

Halloween Cat Mummy

Yesterday, the urge to start decorating for Halloween was upon me, so instead (really, September is too early even for me...) I have been wanting to make a "Cat Mummy" for my graveyard. Here's how it turned out.I bent wire hangers for the legs, tail and backbone. Then used some leftover Styrofoam for the head, chest and pelvic bone.
I added some newspaper for padding.
and then wrapped the cat in muslin strips. The legs are a little too skinny, but I wanted the mummy to look emaciated. Scary!!!!!
Remember, today is also the action at A Room Somewhere for Nie Nie's family!


Chelsea said...

that kitty is scare-tastic!!!

brookegfunk said...

SCARY!!!! I love the kink in the tail!

Adam and Anya said...

Wow! That cat is WAY freaky! Way to go!

You've got talent girl!!!!

hilari said...

that cat is amazing cool and just a bit kooky, just like my mother.

Joey and Megan said...

I would have thought that it would take you at least the entire month of September to get your decorations put up!

Love the cat!

Tanner Fam said...

That is awesome!!!!