Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Congratulations Graduate!

Yeah for our son-in-law Preston who graduated from ASU. He was excepted into several law schools and chose BYU where He will start in the fall. We are also extremely proud of our daughter Devan who has supported him throughout his schooling. She will miss managing PrimaDivas but this move will be a great adventure for their family.

(I guess I will be doing a LOT more traveling to Utah for the next three years!)


Anonymous said...

yay for pesto!

Mary said...

At the Ess household we are very proud of Mr. Presto.

Nicole said...

We're only about 20 minutes north of Provo so if you have time you should stop in and say hi when you're up here! Out of all of Rico's high school girlfriend's moms, your my favorite ;)