Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Catching Up, Thanksgiving...

We spend Thanksgiving day at Glampa Fabulous's mother's house. Her name is "Grandma GREAT!" (with explanation mark) It has been tradition for the grand & great-grand children to decorate gingerbread houses during the day while final preparation is being done to the Thanksgiving Feast. Look how original and cute the houses are that my daughter Hilari made for her boys out of gram crackers! If you are not decorating and filling your own belly with candy, Grandma GREAT! provides other options to fill the day like highly competitive ping pong games or acquiring a few bruises while jumping and sliding in the inflatable playground.
Grandma GREAT!'s back yard is a fabulous playground in itself with a trampoline,

Swing sets and jungle gyms,

and room to explore....
But the main attraction is still the FOOD. Glampa's side of the family are all about gourmet enticements all the way. (that's where my daughters learned how to cook, thank heavens they had lots of people around to learn from. They still call up their Dad or Grandma GREAT! for hints to make the perfect gravy, 7 minute icing or fried chicken soaked in buttermilk)

I didn't get the chance to photograph all the people who were eating inside, but there are a lot of us and it is always a lot of fun at Grandma GREAT!'s house.

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