Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Our Rose Bowl Flea Market Adventure Weekend

I got home last night from a much needed "Girls Get-a-Way" tired but happy. My daughters Kelli and Chelsea along with Lindsey of the design blog Better After and I went to California to bask in the glory of the Rose Bowl Flea Market. We did not get to take my trailer this time so we could only purchase what could fit in Chelsea's mini van. In Pasadena the night before the "BIG DAY", we ATE. We sampled delectable cupcakes from "Dot's" and I had this yummy mini donut. I could go back now just for the extensive eatery options that Old Town Pasadena house.
Once we got to the Flea Market, It was a big change from the last adventure there that we experienced. Instead of record heat, we were a little cold and it sprinkled. It was LOVELY!!!

I really want to get this oven. I need to talk my husband into it.....

This was our stash. Chelsea got the "J" letters, Kelli the "H's" and I got the "S's". I also am thrilled at the fabulous find of this old peddle car/airplane! I'm going to put flowers in the old pails and the tool box will look good on the living room table. I can see it full of greenery for the holidays or a party. I needed to find prizes for my daughters who couldn't come so I found a "paint by numbers" painting for my daughter Brooke and I got some vintage earrings for my daughter Devan to use on her fabulous crystaled objects that she sells on etsy. (Get Stoned By Devan). I'm giving my daughter Hilari the big bracelet shown a few photos down...

We also found some FABULOUS petticoats. You never know when you will need one, so I was thrilled at this purchase! Kelli decided to do some victory celebration twirls while we were loading the car. Notice the empty parking lot. We were die hards that day.
Poor little Pearl just couldn't take the "excitement" any more. She was so good while being schlepped everywhere.
When we got to our second Motel, we were "happy" that it didn't stink like the first one the night before and that the toilet was "sanitized". I was surprised and delighted that they even sanitized the phone! (saving a few dollars isn't all its cracked up to be)
Then when I got into the car to go, I found my seat was "sanitized". Hey, wait a minute... LINDSEY!!!!
Then Monday we were off to the Fashion District in LA. We ventured into Santee Alley and I marveled at these lovelies...
I purchased these fab sandals for $18!

I also got some more bling. Yes, the big bracelet is for you Hilari. I know, I know, I am such a WONDERFUL mother. You can thank me later.

I also got this cool Lobster broach. I just love it!

We had a great time and found some fabulous treasures. Yeah for Flea Markets, they make life much more fun!


Mary said...

I'm having a hard time getting past the cupcakes, but it DOES look like you guys had quite a swell ... and productive ... time.

Anonymous said...

That was super fun! Can't thank you guys enough for letting me tag along!