Friday, August 27, 2010

August Catch up.

This month I camped with my family at South Carlsbad Beach in CA. We made really decadent smores... and the glamkids couldn't get enough campfires.
Devan and Preston came to AZ to visit and Baby Phoebe was surrounded by both sides of her family while she was blessed.

We had our very own "Drive-In" movies. I couldn't get enough of that. (although sitting in my bathing suit for HOURS is not comfortable!
Uncle Craig gave Conway his very first haircut. I think almost all of my glamson's heads were touched first by Craig able hands.
Yesterday, while I babysat Daisy, she said she wanted cupcakes. Who am I to deny her?!
But do I HAVE to eat half of them myself? Ughhhhhh. What I do for my Glamchildren. ha-ha

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