Monday, June 11, 2012

Camping at the Beach

 Cruz dug a bunch of big holes looking for buried treasure.
 A walk to the store brought us right over the railroad tracks. The boys thought it was "freaky" when the commuter train zoomed below us under the bridge. I thought it was "freaky" too!
 You can not find a happier baby boy than Walter. He looked like this the whole time.
 Conway thought he was King of the Mountain. He loved just sitting there for awhile and then suddenly jumping off and rolling into the deep pit around the sand mound. It was hilarious.
 The big boys rested to read and nap after wrestling the waves and rocks.
 Daisy's Mom turned her into a mermaid. Then Daisy proceeded to tell us all her story about how she really wanted to grow some legs but she was trapped in the ocean.

Grandma Burke bought all the little girls matching pink swimsuits. Whenever someone walked by out little group they smiled at all this cuteness playing in front of them.
We missed most of the Giffin clan as they had recitals.... It is getting harder and harder to plan things that all the family can do or go to at the same time. Oh well., but Yeah for our wonderful big crazy family!

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Mary @ Sea Quilts said...

Glad that I got to inhale some of that PINK in person.

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