Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Portraits inspired by the artist Margaret Keane by Kelley Smith

I have been working on a "big eye" series inspired by Margaret Keane. Here is the start of my granddaughter Remi.
Here is the semi finished painting of my granddaughter Pepper. She is going to be holding a cupcake and giving it to the viewer to represent Good Works. I still have a bit more to do. These portraits are more "flat" than my usual portrait painting, but that is the charm of Margaret Keane's paintings.
and this portrait is of our granddaughter Goldie. She did not make it through labor, but she is in our family's hearts and minds every day. She has given us a renewed desire to strive to live so that we may all return again as an eternal family together in our Heavenly Father's presence. I am going to gold leaf her halo and the banner she is holding.
I'm so happy to be able to be painting again and I am thankful for this opportunity to share.

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