Monday, January 21, 2008

CAUTION: Artists at Work

At work are:
Blue- He posed for this but wanted to make sure that he held one of the exact crayons that he used to pose with.
Slade- He just wanted to make a sign for the entrance to Grandpa's room (his office and our library). Slade brought a scary book for Grandpa Fabulous to read to them "with the lights off, just a flashlight". (He asked how to spell his words, but did all the work himself)
Xander- He loves to draw, and the more scary and boyish subject matter the better. His pencil drawings are truly amazing.
Ava- She loves to draw too, and with as many colors as possible.
Cruz- He just can't get that anticipation for the flash of the camera off his mind. Even when he just sees a camera, he starts to squint! He loves to see what kind of marks he can make with his chalk.


Kelli said...

I am so proud of my little artists!!

brooke gfunk said...

They sure enjoyed th art time and its wonderful to have grandparents who take time to teach ,play and love them ! THANKYOU for bein a fab glamma fab!

hilari said...

i love these pictures! our kids sure are lucky to think doing fun art projects and crafts is just a normal everyday thing. if only i could get a normal picture of cruzer!

chelsea said...

I love cruz's face! It's so funny! I'm proud that our family really encourages our kids to be so creative. I hope mine can get her creative juices flowing... now only if she'd decide to come out! (of me...not the closet!)

Kate said...

wow-- xander is really good! all of those kiddos are so cute. is there a new baby carma yet?