Friday, January 18, 2008

This page was made entirely by a 7 year old!

I just thought I'd share with you a scrapbook page that my grandson Blue made all by himself ! He had no help in the composition, choice of paper or embellishments, He just went ahead ! I have scrap booking at my house once a month and invite friends and family over to "do their stuff" One of my daughter's husband works those nights so she brings her boys. Now, I held those grandbabies while painting, and have had the time to teach them a little about the elements of art. You should see their drawings ! It seems that as soon as they get to an age that they can control a pencil or crayon, they just take off ! I didn't have time to teach my own girls a lot, we did do crafts all the time, but now as a Glamma, I can do all this fun stuff with my fabulous grandchildren. Oh the joys of getting older. (If we just didn't have to look that way too....) I thought I'd also share a very special blog that I found while looking at a few sites that were listed on "musings and misadventures". It is , check it out it has great ideas and she's a young mom like a lot of you cute gals!


Kelli said...

That page is so good! I am so glad that they are so creative!!! I hope my children turn out as creative as all my nieces and nephews!!

Karla said...

Who me? Young???? LOL!!!! Girl you are too sweet ^----^ And I agree with Kelli...that page is really neat! Sorry to spit and go but I HAVE to wash dishes { insert prayer here }

Chat soon honey,

chelsea said...

That page is awesome! I too hope my kids turn out to be as cute and creative.

Megan said...

I hope that when Hannah gets in Young Women's you'll do some art lessons, she is so crafty and artistic, I think she was meant to be your daughter and not mine. I have no idea how to channel her talent in the right direction. However, I am starting to teach her digital scrapbooking, or shall I say we are learning together. We actually digi-scrapped a valentine that we are printing for her to pass out at school. It was way too fun.