Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve dinner awaits!

Last Thursday night we had a progressive dinner over here for all my church ladies and this is how we set up, AND this is also how I set up for today's dinner. We now have 29 people with just us and my Mom, Dad and siblings. So how do people do it who have bigger families!?
I know, Buffet Style and outside! That is what we do when we go over to my Husband's parents house. He is the oldest of 9 children and now all 9 have families, so it is well over 50 not including any strays that are invited over. The more the merrier! (in AZ we can eat ourside with heaters)

I hope that how ever big or small your holiday festivities are, that they are wonderful and with those you love. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


discodevo said...

man i'm so jealous. I miss christmas eve with my family! I mean i love my in-laws but look at those place settings! and not to mention the prime rib....

MarySue said...

Everything looks just beautiful. Merry Christmas blog friend.