Monday, December 15, 2008

I got this image off of Scrapologie. I reminded me of my 5 girls and how they loved and still love to dance. (sigh... those were the days) I remember wishing they would grow up, now they are and I wish they were still small. Really only sometimes, because I LOVE having grandchildren, so there you go. Hope you are all doing well as the stress of the holidays rushes in. I'm making it easy on myself and giving $. (sorry kids, not enough to pay your mortgages though...) Oh, and you can see my girls dancing here.


Kelli and Craig said...

That picture is sweet! and I always love getting $ for christmas...even if its not enough to pay my mortgage. Thanks.

hilari said...

i was just telling laura today about last year with the $ taped to packages of socks etc. - and how i loved it.

thanks to you and dad, we have never been afraid to dance our socks off wherever we might be.

debra g said...

Somehow I can't see those little girls doing the kind of dancing that has been seen coming off your girls. They sure are fun to watch though!!!