Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

Baby Conway is ready to celebrate!
The Glamkids decorated cookies and ate them at the same time.

They also "tye dyed" t-shirts to wear at the fireworks show. We just used permanent marker on the shirts and then sprayed 97% denatured alcohol on the markers and it made the colors run.

The colors turned out a little light, but the t-shirts still look pretty good! The Glamchildren thought they were fabulous so there you go... That's all that mattered.

Most of us watched the fireworks just down the street at Luke Air Force Base. I just watched the top of the fireworks from my front yard. Fun!

Hope you had a wonderful Forth!

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Cooey's Mom said...

Well, light colors or not, your "tie dyed" shirts turned out more patriotic than ours did. We used navy blue and crimson RIT dye in squeeze bottles. When we rinsed and washed, the colors ended up running together and we ended up with purple and pink instead of red, white, and blue. They were still cute, but not exactly what we were aiming for. But it's all about the fun, though, right?