Friday, July 3, 2009


Mr. Fabulous bought us tickets to see the musical Wicked last night. I had seen it once before (and read the book ) and loved it. This time we splurged and got really good seats. We were four rows from the front and close to the middle of the theater. What a difference it makes when you can actually see the actors expressions and the amazing details on the costumes!
Thank you Mr. Fabulous !!!!!!!


Mary said...

We saw it for the very first time in NYC a few weeks ago and were pretty happy with our 12th row seats. I was mesmerized, I tell you, absolutely mesmerized.

So happy for you and naturally I give a shout out to Mr. F..

acte gratuit said...

I was looking at something Tami had on a shelf in her house...two mason jars filled with her two little girls-turned-fairy-princess. And I thought..."hmmm...those look familiar!" Then it came to me "I'll bet Glamma Fabulous made those and I saw them on her blog before I ever even met Tami!!!"

Such a small world.

Kelli and Craig said...

Awesome!!!!What a fun dad I have!!

Tanner Fam said...

Can your Mr. Fabulous talk to my younger Mr. Fabulous?