Saturday, September 11, 2010

August at the Beach

I was uploading photos from my point and shoot, and wanted to share these cuties: My daughter Chelsea's two little girls LOVE playing in the sand. Here is Carma. That darling smile of hers is beaming 99.7% of every day. She has the happiest disposition. (Although her cousins have suffered from her .3% bite that can leave a mark. I do have to say, those tasty chomps are less and less frequent now a days.) And Pearl couldn't be happier when playing with an empty water bottle to swish the sand to and fro, here and there. The "there" part unfortunately is usually the eye of the closest adult setting next to her. Pearl is still a "Mommy's Girl", but she is venturing out to the rest of the family.
And this photo is a rarity. BOTH girls fast asleep, breathing to the rushing sounds of the waves bringing the tide closer and closer to our spot on the beach. There is nothing lovelier than watching children nap on the warm sand. Although I do have to say that the girls and I took turns laying in the sun while we placed smooth HOT rocks on each other's backs. The heat penetrated your deepest muscles, now that was NICE!!!

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