Thursday, September 23, 2010

Children and Adult Kerchief Pattern

A good fellow from church asked me if I could make some "bibs" for the special needs kids that are in his class at the school where he teaches. He said that the kids do not like the word "bib" as they are not babies. There is also a great need for these KERCHIEFS in elderly care facilities too. So I made a pattern from the sample that he gave me. Here it is: 1. Take a page from your local newspaper and unfold it. From one corner, measure and mark 20" to each side.
2. Then fold the two 20" marks together and draw a line that is 90 degrees from the marks to the folded end. Mark and cut along this line. This will give you a triangle with two sides that are 20" with the longest end measuring 28 1/2" long.
3. Cut one piece of cotton fabric.
4. And cut one piece of terry cloth fabric. (The terry cloth will absorb spills and an occasional drool) I was able to cut 8 triangles out of a beach towel that was on clearance for the terry cloth fabric. It was much cheaper that buying the fabric by the yard.
5. With right sides together, sew a 1/2" seam all the way around leaving a opening of about 8".
6. Cut off the corners and turn the kerchief right side out.
7. Top stitch 1/8" to 1/4" all the way around the kerchief. (strait stitch or any decorative stitch)
8. Cut 3" of Velcro and sew onto the kerchief so that it is adjustable and easy to take on and off.
The Kerchief is reversible. I tried to find basic colors that were not gender specific. I think that this is a fabulous service project that you can work on alone, as a family or use as a beginner sewing project. It's also fun to hang out with girl friends and sit, sew and visit for a good cause. I know that you will have no problem finding a facility that needs these kerchiefs desperately. If you don't know of one, I'd be glad to help you get them where they need to be.

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saffiertje said...

Thanx for this tutorial! I will make some for a friends son!