Thursday, November 25, 2010

My Demonstration Painting for the PFFA

Last week I demonstrated my techniques in painting with soft pastels. I just love working with this art medium. The facets on each teeny tiny piece of pigment reflects light like no other medium as there is very little binder that surrounds the pigment. This also makes for almost no darkening of the color as the years go by. There are pastel paintings today that are hundreds of years old whose colors are as vibrant as when the artwork was first painted. I titled this painting "Farmers Market Trio". This "study" is 11" x 14" and I am selling it unframed on my etsy for $125.

Thanks you Peoria Fine Arts Association for asking me to be the speaker for your Nov. meeting. You have a lot of talented people and they were all so nice!

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sara said...

That is gorgeous!

Happy Thanksgiving!