Monday, September 12, 2011

Family Portaits

I have been doing some redecorating in my home recently by painting over the too brown walls left from the previous owner. I have added COLOR, but the neutral soft ivory that I painted in the halls looks pink at certain times of the day, and that drives me CRAZY!!! I told my husband that I can not stand the walls and I am repainting them more of a taupe shade. (OH the HOURS I put into painting.... Oh well.) Anyway I bought 30- 12" by 12" gallery wrapped canvases and am in the process of turning my hall into a family portrait extravaganza. Above is Conway. His portrait was the first one I did. I had planned to paint them in oil, but then loved the preliminary drawings so much that I decided to keep them in that state. I really love to see the marks, adjustments and process of thick, thin, straight, squiggly, light and dark lines that when layered on top of one another create an image of an actual thing.

This is sweet Ava. I took her photo with the camera in my phone.

and my son-in-law Jason. He was so cute and excited to see his portrait as this was the very first one that was ever done of him. It will take a while to finish every one's portrait with all the holiday coming up AND the fact that the adults in the family want the portrait to be from a photo of them that looks "attractive". (I can't blame them, I have done two of myself lately and they are not making the cut.) I'll post all of the family portraits as the wall progresses. Thanks for letting me brag!!!!
Oh, and new paintings on my ART BLOG too.


debra g said...

It is going to amazing to see them all lined up! Great job!

MarlaKD said...

Love the sketches! You did Jason justice, so handsome! I'll be watching for the rest of the Jacksons!