Monday, March 5, 2012

Sousical the Musical costumes

My daughter Hilari is a home room school mom, so as Glammas do, I helped make some costumes for their school play coming up next week. My mind went a million ways to go about making these hats as the kids are just wearing school t-shirts and they are going for a certain style. I ended up designing these fleece hats. The crazy bird has a craft foam beak glued to a pink $1 store hat.
I thought that elongating the Giraffe back of the hat would give a sense of tallness.
The Elephant is also glued onto a blue $1 store hat. I also put boning in the front of the Kangaroo's "pouch" to make it stick out a bit. We had to make multiples of several of these costume hats, so it has been crazy with fleece scraps around here!
Thanks for letting me brag!


Alyson Poundstone said...

Those are AMAZING!!! You're so inspiring.

Ammanda said...

Those really are amazing. Oh, to be able to create and not just copy...

Mary said...

I am absolutely in AWE!!!

Miss you ~