Monday, December 3, 2007

Another reason I love being a Glamma.

Yesterday, Sloan was given a blessing. She's wearing the gown that her Great Great Grandmother Openshaw made. Her Grandpa Fabulous and his 7 sisters and 1 brother wore it when they were blessed and Her Mom and her 4 sisters wore it when they were blessed and Sloan's 4 older siblings were also blessed in this dress. All of the babies that were blessed in this dress have their initials embroidered on the gown. Isn't that the neatest thing ever?!!!Sloan's Aunt Devan made her this pacifier with the serious BLING! Faaabulous!!!
Sloan thinks the dress tasty.

Ok Glamma, don't you remember that I don't have sitting up skills yet ?!


Mrs. Dub said...

she's getting so big! please stunt her growth immediately so that she will still be a baby the next time i see her ... whenever that is.

i love the dress, and i love the tradition. but mostly i love me some G babies!

CHELSEA said...

too cute!

hilari said...

i love me some fat baby cheeks.

Kelli said...

Oh man.....she is soo cute!!!

sara said...

What a neat tradition! And by coincidence, my new little niece named Sloan was also blessed yesterday!! (My husband's side of the family - but clearly great minds think alike!)