Friday, December 7, 2007

I've just gotta BRAG!!!

My daughter Chelsea is student teaching at Desert Vista High School as a choir teacher. Last night she conducted several wonderful songs for multiple choir levels. She did great! But the most fantastic thing was that she had the opportunity to conduct "The Hallelujah!" chorus from "The Messiah" for the combined choirs along with the orchestra AND anyone who wanted to participate from the audience! Of course I got up onstage to sing. It was one of the most memorable experiences I've ever had! Getting to see her face and being in the midst of these wonderful singers and orchestra was..... I don't even have the word, but HEAVENLY! Chelsea was amazing, and at the end, the choir director: Andrew DeValk was so gracious in thanking her for the good job she did. (What a wonderful, generous man to let her have these opportunities) and then the choir presented her with flowers and a huge pink gift basket with baby items in it that weighed a ton! This night was a parent's dream come true, and I have been lucky enough to have many fabulously proud experiences over the years with each one of my girls, and now sons-in-laws and grandchildren. These are the moments I cherish and that make the harder "regular life" stuff worthwhile.

Thanks for letting me brag. (This photo was taken at Chelsea's senior recital. I forgot my camera last night!!!!!!! SHAME ON ME! She is now much bigger with my 9th grandchild!)


Mary said...

Wow ... congratulations to both you and Chelsea. What a life-comes-together-all-at-once moment.

I was veeerrrrryyy confused by the picture though until I read your note.

Good to know she didn't have that baby right before she went onstage.

Chelsea said...

Thanks Mom! It was wonderful for me to have you there singing for me. It was a truely special moment for me and I'm grateful for all of your love and support. I love you so much!

Kate said...

That is SO exciting! Congrats to Chelsea. She's all grown up!

brooke gfunk said...

yay for chelsea !!!! you are talented and fabulous and a wonderful sis and soon to be an awesome mama! I love YOU!

sara said...

Wow, how fun and awesome! I had no idea that the S* girls were so musical! Directing is SO much fun - I only direct our ward choir and I imagine that conducting a whole "real" choir and orchestra would be so amazing, especially for a piece like that. Congratulations to Chelsea & the proud family too :)