Thursday, December 6, 2007

"Looks Too Good to Eat..."

I decided to decorate the tree in the kitchen "All things Yummy..." I bought children's "play" food, glued and glittered them, and attached hooks for decorations. I also put any decorations that I already had that fit into the theme on the tree. For the topper, I bought 3 styro foam discs and stuck a wooden dowel into the side, painted and covered the "lollipops" with clear-ish cellophane wrapping paper. I used white zip ties to attach the candy on top of the tree. I used to think that a glue gun was the thing to always have around, but lately zip ties are coming in a close first. But, who am I kidding, everyone needs a glue gun, duck tape, a soldering iron and zip ties if you want to be able to "make stuff". Oh yeah, and your own personal set of hand tools and small power tools at your disposal. HINT: Hide all these precious possessions, as Husbands and Son-in-laws who do not put their own tools back in the right spot want to "Steal" I mean "Borrow" them and you never seem to get them back or you find them still in the spot that they used them, now rusted and crusty!


hilari said...

just looking makes me hungry! i mean, when am i not hungry? i love glitter!

Kelli said...

It is the most awesome tree I have ever seen!!!

Alyson P. said...

This tree is so cute! All your creative ideas almost make me feel brave enough to try something glittery and scrumptious looking!