Wednesday, January 13, 2010

"Gravity vs. the Girl" by Riley Noehren

Today it was my turn to host the book club that I'm a member of. This month's book was "Gravity vs. the Girl" by Riley Noehren. The very exciting thing about today was that the author came and talked to us about how the book came to be from conception to getting the story published. It was inspiring to hear about a goal and dream of Ms. Noehren's coming true. It made me want to pursue my own dreams, aspirations and creations. I felt encouraged to take the risks that accompany "putting yourself out there" when you try new things. Yeah for strong women who courageously allow themselves to grow!
Above is a shot of the table setting. I forgot to take a photo of the MAGNIFICENT salad of mixed greens with an Asian dressing layered high between very large fried wontons that my daughter Brooke made. It was a skyscraper of deliciousness. She also made orange roles and a cantaloupe, berries and mint salad. And I would have been a mess without my daughter Kelli to help me clean and host the lunch.
Anyway, it was a fabulous day. And needless to say, the book was wonderful. You can buy it on (shameful plug, but hey, I know the author. brag-brag!)


Mary said...

It WAS a fabulous day, with fabulous food and fabulous company. And of course, your house and the tables were all "glamma fabulous"!

But if I do say so myself, it WAS a thrill to hear from Riley. Lots of inspiration all the way around.

Riley Noehren said...

Thanks SO MUCH for hosting the bookclub in your lovely home. I am now inspired with all sorts of art and decorating ideas--I seriously don't know when you find time to sleep.

sara said...

I bet it was the best bookclub ever! I wish I had been there, seeing as I love that book so much and all. That table looks great!