Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Where's Waldo?

Tonight my daughter Kelli and I dressed up for our church's youth group game of "Where's Waldo?". We had on our fake bums and dressed "down". When we entered the mall, we thought that everyone would stare at us. Only a few did...and no one in the kiosks asked us if we wanted to try their hand lotion or buy a crystal studded hair barrette. It was weird.
I drank enough pop to sufficiently burp while I talked to the kids when they "found" us. It was fun to see their shocked expressions. ha-ha


sara said...

My husband & I did that last year w/ our ward; SO much fun! We had a girls who babysits for us walk right past us w/o knowing who we were :)

nelly said...

You guys were great. I think the burping added the perfect touch. Thanks for helping us out.

Kelli and Craig said...

It was fun! I love any opportunity to dress up1