Thursday, January 21, 2010

Shrinky Dinks and Bottle Caps

When I was in high school, Shrinky Dinks were the new rage. Now Shrinky Dinks has a plastic you can print on. So I decided to make some charms.
But the charms turned out too big, so I covered the holes with a gem and made refrigerator magnets. Once again I thought I knew better than the directions. I should have believed the ratio of shrinkage. Oh well.

I did make some bottle cap charms for my Glamchildren Bracelet of the newest members that weren't yet dangling from my wrist.

I tested out my two inch flower punch on the Shrinky Dink plastic and after it was baked, it fit perfectly on top of Daisy's bottle cap back. (I am keeping this idea in mind when I have a beer bottle cap ((that I found of course)) and want to cover up the logo.) This time I thought I'd use Super Glue to attach the crystal. In one swift second the gem slid out of place. I couldn't pry that crystal off, so it is a little off center (which will bug me forever). So next time I will stick to the E6000!

I can't wait to add a few more darlings on!


Gina said...

What size circle did you punch the plastic to fit into the bottle caps? This is a darling project! And you are a cool grandma. :)

Glamma Fabulous aka Kelley Smith said...

I didn't use the Shrinky Dink for the inside of the bottle caps. But the measurement for an image is One Inch for either the inside OR outside of a bottle cap. I used one inch clear apoxy stickers to cover the photos with. Have fun!

HopHopJingleBoo said...

hmm... love this idea.. may have to make a couple of these for my sister and me.. thanks for the inspiration..